Request Letter

I request "Green Glory" to please include the names given by me in this helping system. I assure you that the name that I have given to include the donor, I have been clearly informed by this that it is not a company, nor investment, nor any scheme or nor business. This is the only and only helping system. With this helping system, each person voluntarily helps only once and becomes a part of this helping system and its name is included in this system. If they propagate and do publicity following the rules laid down in this system, then the system has also arranged for his/her help. I have not been given any temptation. I got his/her Pan card / Aadhaar card attached with his form after getting his sign. The sign on the Pan card is the same as the on the given form. After knowing and correctly understanding the helping system, I have volunteered to be a part of this system without any unconditional help and they have given a wish to provide help to four needy families. So, accept my request to include him/her in the system. I promise that the information given to the system is correct. If I get it wrong or get proof, I am punishable and allow the system to exclude my name from the system.

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