1. After receiving the form to the donor, it is not necessary to include new people in this system. You can also join this system only to help purpose. If you want to get financial help, then you have to promote and spread it to the needy families and help them by becoming a volunteer.
2. If you voluntarily join this helping system as a donor without becoming an investor, then your help is arranged from every donors who joins by you.
3. The help from the first three donors will be given to the 9 donors who joined you earlier. You will get help from the fourth donor and there on words, you will start getting help from unlimited donors.
4. You can help such needy families by providing direct reference to the unlimited families. Help others to help ourselves.
5. To get continues help, include at least four donors in the family within 60 days, otherwise your name will be preserved in the donors list. Your name will be included in the list of donors from the second day on which the 4 donors will be fulfilled by you. If your name does not appear in the help list of the form, then you inform the system by your registered e-mail on the e-mail of the system.
6. In this helping system, the responsibility of providing help to at least four needy families has been compulsory.
7. Once the donor gets the acceptance, no change will be made in the information given by him, so before sending the request for activation, please check the name, address, mobile number, PIN code number etc.
8. If for any reason the donor wishes to go out of the system, the help he sent will not be returned. You have helped those who are needy people. (Donation not refundable)
9. It is necessary to give approval from any previously joined donors from No. 2-10 on the joining form. Before granting approval, check that there should not be any mistake.
10. It is your responsibility before joining the donors form, it should be filled in properly and check it carefully and there should not be any mistake happened please note.
11. The original joining form duly attested with pasted money order (eMO) slips with the respective pan card copy duly signed should be deposited in 'Request Form Collection Center', 'Authorized Service Center' or your senior donors .
12. All the names are written according to the rules made by the system then only the new request form is accepted. Once a new form is issued then there will be no change occurred.
13. When your request form is to be sent for Activation, on the same day, download the new form from the website and send the money order (eMO) through the post on the same day and send it for Activation.
14. Before joining this helping system do not handover the money to anybody or in their bank account. Take the form from whom you refer for joining this system and send help by doing the money order (eMO) as the list mentioned on that form voluntarily on their respective names by going post office personally and getting eMO slips paste it on that form with your complete information and duly signed by you by doing scan copy and handover to your referred person.
15. In the money order form, the new donor will be the 'Sender' and the name which are in that form with their full address and amount mentioned that persons will be a 'Receiver'.
16. It is necessary to send help amount only through money order (eMO) from Indian Postal Service. In the Money Order form, select Message Code 08.
17. To help each other, we are helping needy people through the service of the post office. Indian post is a good media for sending help to donors, and this help is sent by money order. Actually Post Office and 'Green Glory' have no any relation.
18. While promoting in this system do not misuse the name of Post Office and if anybody does the same Green Glory System will not be held responsible and he himself will be held responsible.
19. In the scanned copy of the form contain the receipt of the money order, the vague cut receipt of the money order or any mistake or wrong name, wrong address, wrong pincode or wrong amount or suspicious of tampering with the money order will not be accepted by the system.
20. Original money order (eMO) receipts should be pasted on the form.
21. After receiving the above scanned form it will be checked by the system and then new form will be issued to the new donor.
22. Please check the newly received form with their respective names and with correct serials.
23. Please see that in the issued new form No. 1 to No. 10 names mentioned the 10 no. name which is the previous form will be disappear and the new donor name will be on No. 1 & all the other 9 names as it is only their sequence will be changed.
24. When the new donor joins his name is in No. 1 position and No. 10 will be removed from the list and other 9 names will be gone up in order till No. 10.
25. The help you have received through this system it is the responsibility of every donor to show your account. According to the Indian Tax Act, whatever tax has to be filled will be the personal responsibility of each donor. It is the duty and responsibility of every Indian to file ITR. Consult tax authorities and fill in tax in the Indian Tax Department.
26. Every family in India should get benefits from this helping system, so only one member from every family can join this helping system.
27. New forms will not be issued on Sundays and government holidays.
28. If the image of this helping system has been damaged by any donors and if there is evidence of damage then it will be terminated from the system without any prior notice.
29. In order to obtain a money order (eMO) receipt in the scanned copy of the request, the money order is intentionally unclear, the cutie receipt or any mistake or wrong name, wrong address, wrong pincode or wrong amount or if there is a suspicious of tampering with money order receipt or wrong submitting PNR number, then without any proof It will be excluded from the system without any prior notice.
Keep in mind ... This is not a company, investment, scheme or business. It is only and only the helping system. Transparent behavior will help us to help more people and minimize the financial troubles in every body's life.

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